10 Ways to Save Energy While Cooking

Posted On: August 22, 2017

Your energy bill is probably the last thing on your mind when cooking up a culinary masterpiece, but consider some of these helpful tips to save energy, and money, the next time you’re cooking:

1. The best makes a difference: High-quality, conductive cookware pays off in your food preparation, which means it’ll pay off on your energy bill. Glass or ceramic pans in the oven and pans with copper bottoms on the stovetop use up to 25% less heat.

2. Warped pans aren’t worth it: Replace pans when they warp! Warped pans waste up to 50% of generated heat. A flat pan, on the other hand, uses virtually all generated heat.

3. Cook quicker with covered pans: Covered pans trap heat, causing your food to cook quicker. An easy way to spend less time cooking and stressing over your energy bill. 

4. Coast the end of the cook-time: Turn your stovetop burners off early! Heat trapped in the pan will finishing cooking your food, no need to pay for those final moments. 

5. Cleanliness is a virtue: Keep your stovetop clean, as dirty burners are inefficient burners (and are also gross). 

6. No need to over-do it: Smaller appliances use less energy. Use a toaster oven or microwave—instead of a full-size oven—whenever possible. 

7. Consider the countertop alternatives: Crockpots, pressure cookers and rice cookers also all use less energy than an oven. 

8. A watched pot never boils… And the same is basically true for the oven: Leave the oven door closed! The less you open the oven door, the less heat escapes, and the less time it’ll take for your food to cook. 

9. Planning ahead pays off: Defrost food beforehand to lower cooking time. Cook enough food for several meals at a time. Then, just reheat the leftovers to save time and energy.

10. More work doesn’t equal more delicious: Discover one-pot dinner recipes. These easy and efficient meals are just as scrumptious as their messy counterparts. A quick Google search will reveal plenty of new favorite dishes for you to enjoy.

These tips may seem small, but they’ll add up to big savings over time! So you can enjoy savings without sacrificing flavor. 

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