Stream Wishes Intern Best on Life's Journey

Posted On: August 14, 2017

Here at Stream, we are a family. More than a provider of connected life services, we are dedicated to making your day run a little smoother. Our dedication to serving you makes us a close-knit group, defined by a corporate culture of caring. So when we found one of our own in need, we had to act.  

Over the past few months, we had the pleasure of working with our summer intern Venkatesh Viswanathan, or Double V as we affectionately called him. Currently working towards his Masters of Information Technology Management at the University of Texas at Dallas, Venkatesh impressed us daily with the fine work he accomplished in the Field Development department. However, it wasn’t until we got to know him more that he inspired us.

“Getting to know Venkatesh’s story touched my heart,” said Lesley Bautista, our senior recruiter. “He had just taken this leap of faith coming here from India. He left a well-off life and loving family to just embark on this adventure, with no guarantee of success or stability.  It’s inspiring to hear.”

As inspiring as his story was, some of the details were tough. “Discovering some of Double V’s day-to-day struggles was an eye-opener.” Venkatesh admitted that his commute was less than ideal, requiring an hour-plus bus ride from Richardson to Dallas everyday. That’s not including the time it took to walk to the station, and not to mention trying to use the bus to get around everywhere else in his life.

Inspiration to help struck Lesley in a flash, and Stream was more than happy to present Venkatesh with his very own bike to help make his adventures a little smoother. 

 “There’s a quote by Maya Angelou that I try to live life by. She said ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,'” said Lesley. “I hope we’ve showed him that he’s not going the adventure alone.”

We wish Double V the absolute best on the next leg of his journey, and hope the bike not only helps him get there, but also reminds him that his family is with him every step of the way. 

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